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The possibilities are practically limitless!
We take into account the needs of our customers and integrate specific modules and functions that meet the minimum requirements.
Some of the main functionalities are:
- Real time location 365/24/7
- Generation of travel lists
- Digital garage: insurance, vignette, technical inspection, oil and filter change
- Monitoring of live data from the car's on-board computer (fuel level, engine speed, engine temperature, fuel consumption)
- Fuel theft alarm
- Detection of jamming when attempting to steal
- Crash detection function
- Optional temperature measurement in different areas in trailers and semi-trailers via Bluetooth technology
- Immobilizer
- Analysis of driver behavior: manual use of brakes, manual throttle, sharp corner entry "ECO Drive"
- Detection when repatriating the car
- Saving the battery energy during prolonged car downtime
- Geofences and creating rules in them
- References for routes, journeys, events and alarms up to 5 years behind
- Internationally covered worldwide!
- No data transfer limit!
- Reading DTC errors from the car directly from your mobile phone does not depend on where the car is located!
- Convenient and easy to use innovative user interface
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